1. All students applying for admission are subjected to an interview and test.

  2. Parents are warned that admission is made strictly on the basis of merits of the candidates.

  3. Admission of students of any of the classes is entirely at the discretion of the Principal.

  4. Notice of withdrawal of a pupil must be given in writing. One calendar month in advance or a monthís fee be paid in lieu of notice.

  5. No Transfer Certificate will be issued until all dues to the school have been paid.

  6. Admission to the school is totally at the discretion of its Management. Admission forms are available at the office on days notified earlier.

  7. Guardians are asked to fill in the admission form with the utmost possible accuracy. No Subsequent changes will be permitted thereafter for any reasons whatsoever.

  8. A candidate who has attended a recognized school cannot be admitted without a transfer certificate from the school he last attended. Catholic pupils must also produce a Baptism Certificate.

  9. New candidates must be introduced personally by the one who will be responsible to the principal for their conduct and fees.

  10. They will be tested in the standard immediately below that to which they seek admission.

  11. Before withdrawing a student from the school a monthís notice is to be given or a monthís fee in lieu of notice.

  12. No leaving certificate will be given free of charge if taken immediately, otherwise a search fee of one monthís tuition Fee will be charged.

  13. Any pupil failing two years in succession in the same class or failing twice in three consecutive years will be struck off the roll and a (Transfer) Leaving Certificate will be issued.

  14. Any breach of the regulations for the conduct of examination will result in his immediate Expulsion from the examination room and he/she will be issued T.C. (Transfer Certificate).


  1. Fees are to be paid monthly in advance by the 10th of the current month. Fees for February and March will be paid in the month of January.  Fees will be charged for 12 months.

  2. The school fees must be paid in cash at the school from Monday to Friday each week between 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Fee books are issued by the School. A late fee of Rs.20.00 is charged on fee paid after the 10th of the month for which they are due.

  3. Those who wish may pay fees for the whole year in advance (12 months).

  4. Students are charged fees as long as their names are on the rolls. If fees for two consecutive months are not paid by the 10th of the second month a warning will be sent, if not paid by the 10th of third month, the studentís name is liable to be removed from the rolls.

  5. Parents are requested verify the entries in the fees booklet after payment has been made.

  6. The founder body reserves the right to increase the fees at any time of the year if it is found necessary.

  7. The school fees cover twelve calendar months and may be paid in monthly installments or in advance. No reduction is made for holidays or broken periods. Pupils are liable to be charged full fees as long a their names are officially on the rolls.

  8. School fees; See Fees Book.

    N.B.A. consolidated term fee of Rs.50/- is to be paid three tines a year in July, November and March as terminal and final examination.

  9. Fees are to be paid in advance before the 10th of each month  failing which a late fee of Rs.20/- will be levied for each month. In any case the fees are to be paid before each Assessment (including the fee for the month in which the Assessment is scheduled).

  10. Pupils whose fees are long overdue may be barred from from sitting for any examination and are liable to have their name struck off the rolls.

    Fees are collected on class days from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


  11. Every student should wear a clean uniform daily, which will be as follows :

    Sky blue full sleeved/half sleeved shirt and Rogerís badge

    German blue trousers

    deep blue tie with stripe of Rogerís written on it

    Navy blue pullover with Sky blue stripes (for the winter)


    Navy Blue Blazer (for the winter)

    Black Shoes and white socks

    White keds on P.T. days.