oger’s Academy was established by the vision and toil of a few academicians, in the year 2000, in an urge to set standards of excellence and perfection. It is under the management of Roger's Educational Foundation. Today the expertise and methodologies of this institution have generated confidence among the students, parents and general public due to which this institution is considered a premier institution in this region.

Our understanding of the student’s needs at different stages of their preparation has been the guiding force behind the structure and methodology of each subject. We concentrate basically on tapping the basic potential of every individual student. A student will have the right mix of classes, problem solving and doubt removing sessions supplemented by test analyzing sessions. These will give the student the necessary feedback to develop examination temperament. On the basis of our comprehensive course coverage, years of teaching experience and results we have produced in the past we confidently expect that even an average student who will sincerely follow the faculty, will come out with flying colours in the examinations.

At Roger’s we believe in ‘learning by doing’. Therefore our teaching aids are selected keeping in mind a child’s need to touch, explore, learn and enjoy by play way method. We have an art corner where students explore the concept colours, shades, textures and enjoy with paints, play with gum and paper. In block building corner children learn about sequencing, size, shape, and indulge in the absolute pleasure of building things and breaking them.

The age group for the Playgroup is minimum two years. We firmly believe in the philosophy of overall child development and are evident in the way we have designed ours classrooms. The walls of the classrooms are painted with pictures taken from nursery rhymes which inspire them to learn the rhymes. We have well trained staffs that help the children to explore and learn by interactive learning facilitated by enticing toys, games and enchanting stories.

In the discovery corner children watch how a seed grow into a plant, how a flower or a leaf change its colours. Here they also learn about different animals and plants and lots more. They make paper boats and float it in an artificial pond feel new experience out of it. cIn the Maths corner the kids learn simple mathematics and number concepts like half, full, empty, before, after with exclusively designed teaching models.

In the music and action song corner children join the fun with tunes that teach a catchy collection of rhymes that generate interest for music, meeting the needs of today’s children. At present we have provisions for classes I to VI. Every year classes will be upgraded till I.C.S.E. Roger’s Academy Of Music is our music school division where we teach different musical instruments. We have strictly staff notation to write the notations. At present we have introduced Guitar, Synthesizer, Violin and Drums. Besides it we have provision for classical dance and modern dance.

To maintain our tradition of always providing the best to our students, we can assure you that with our dedication, perfect guidance and sincere efforts, we can do no doubt help you to realize your cherished dream.

Claudius S. R.